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Missoula Firefighters Union, AFL-CIO,
MT Conservation Voters, Sunrise Missoula,
Democratic Socialists of America, MFPE, Shane Morigeau, Tom Winter, Ellie Hill Smith
Amy Cilimburg,  Heidi West
, Abby Huseth, 

People power

Missoula's Westside, Riverfront, and River Road neighborhoods need a progressive voice in Helena. Danny Tenenbaum is running to be that voice. As a public defender in Missoula, Danny fights every day for the constitutional rights and human dignity of Montanans who've been: 

  • denied health care

  • stopped for driving while Native

  • put on a waiting list when they sought out treatment

  • prosecuted as adults even though they're children

  • arrested for filming the police

  • jailed for possessing marijuana 

  • punished for exercising their treaty hunting rights

As House District 95's representative, Danny will bring the same fight to the Montana Legislature, while always maintaining a strict open-door, contact-anytime policy. 


Rethinking health care
Health care is a human right. Montanans deserve a simple, comprehensive single-payer system. Our current scheme, however, prioritizes profits over Montanans' health. We must cap insulin and prescription drug prices, expand addiction and mental health treatment, mandate transparent medical billing, and kick junk insurance plans to the curb. 

Expanding public education

Funding for public education has been decimated. We must end poverty pay for Montana teachers, dramatically increase state funding for higher education, and reject any and all attempts to privatize public schools. Public pre-K must be at the top of the agenda, and the practice of taxing Montanans who pursue vocational or higher education ("tuition") should be abandoned.

Protecting public lands
Montana's public lands, waters, and wildlife are what unite us all. We must end the constant efforts to sell them off to the highest bidder. Future generations are depending on us.  We need more wilderness, not less.

Climate action
I support the Green New Deal. Here in Montana, the legislature has done virtually nothing to stop the climate crisis, leaving an emergency for future generations. The time to act is now. We must eliminate pointless obstacles to solar and wind projects, promote and fund social housing, and deter development in floodplains and the wildland-urban interface.

Justice reform

In the past few years we've seen important bipartisan reforms to Montana's sentencing and probation laws. However dramatic racial and economic disparities persist in our criminal justice system. Our system still relies on cash bail and a web of predatory fees and fines that disproportionately punishes the poor.  Courts should be halls of justice, not collections agencies. We cannot arrest or incarcerate away mental illness, addiction, and poverty. Our laws and our budgets must reflect that.

Meet Danny

Danny worked as a dockhand, ESL teacher, carnie, and sandwich artist before graduating with a bachelor's degree in History from the University of Wisconsin. After a stint with AmeriCorps in Arizona, he became an overseas refugee officer with the federal government where he helped several families flee persecution and begin new lives in the US.

After several years abroad, Danny went to law school and became a public defender, first in Tribal Court on the Flathead Reservation, and later handling appeals to the Montana Supreme Court. In the past year he's won battles to secure Montanans' freedom from repetitive prosecutions, and to strengthen our constitutional right to both a speedy trial and effective assistance of counsel.


Outside of the courtroom, Danny and his wife Bracha volunteer with Soft Landing Missoula. They spend their free time backpacking, birding, packrafting, and hanging out at the library with their toddler son.

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