Endorsed by:

John Engen, Marilyn Marler, Ellie Hill, SK Rossi, Heather Harp, Heidi West, Andrew Person,

Abby Huseth, Zack Porter, Claire Charlo,

Dustin Monroe, Kat Werner, Jess Zephyrs,

Nick Shontz, Mark Myriad, Cathy Richman, Melissa Silverman, Jody Jakob, Jill Howard 

People power

Missoula's Westside and Riverfront neighborhoods need a progressive voice in Helena. Danny Tenenbaum is running to be that voice. As a public defender in Missoula, Danny fights every day for the constitutional rights and human dignity of Montanans who've been: 

  • denied basic health care

  • stopped for driving while Native

  • put on a waiting list when they sought out treatment

  • prosecuted as adults even though they're children

  • arrested for filming the police

  • jailed for possessing marijuana 

  • punished for exercising their treaty hunting rights

As House District 95's representative, Danny will bring the same fight to the Montana Legislature, while always maintaining a strict open-door, contact-anytime policy. 


Ending mass incarceration

The problem:

Montana spends too much money locking people up. The system disproportionately punishes Native, Black, and Hispanic people.

Doubling funding for addiction and mental health treatment. Abolish cash bail. Close private prisons. Cancel all State agreements with ICE/CBP. Legalize marijuana & expunge all arrests/convictions. End poverty exploitation like probation fees, public defender fees. 

The gap between wages and cost of living

The problem:
The gap between wages and cost of living is rapidly growing for most Montanans. It is impossible for many to survive without working 2-3 jobs.

Double state-funding for affordable housing projects. Establish public pre-k & paid family leave. Raise the minimum wage to reflect the actual cost of living in MT. End discriminatory apartment bans. Allow municipalities to tax tourists. Modernize MT's income tax brackets.

Climate change action

The problem:
For decades, anti-science politicians have accepted dark money from out-of-state entities in exchange for blocking common-sense legislation to combat climate change. Now the next generation of Montanans are left to face the consequences, and these same anti-science politicians blame everyone but themselves.


Eliminate pointless obstacles to solar and wind projects. Close loopholes that allow corporations to avoid cleaning up their toxic messes. Require the PSC to regulate, not protect, utilities like Northwestern Energy. Block any and all attempts to privatize public lands.

Education equality

The problem:
Politicians have starved Montana's public schools and universities of public funding. When students graduate jobless and underwater with debt, these politicians again blame everyone but themselves.


End poverty pay for Montana's teachers. Establish a statewide salary schedule for teachers. Eliminate the tax credit for private school donations. Keep college tuition frozen.

Meet Danny

Danny worked as a dockhand, ESL teacher, carnie, and sandwich artist before graduating with a bachelor's degree in History from the University of Wisconsin. After a stint in AmeriCorps on the US-Mexico border, he became an overseas refugee officer with the federal government where he helped 1000's of families to flee persecution and resettle in the US.

After several years abroad, Danny returned to the US to study law at New York University. After graduating he began a career as a public defender, first in Tribal Court on the Flathead Reservation, and later handling appeals to the Montana Supreme Court. In the past year he's won battles to secure Montanans' freedom from repetitive prosecutions, and to strengthen our constitutional right to both a speedy trial and effective assistance of counsel.


Outside of the courtroom, Danny and his wife Bracha are volunteers with Soft Landing Missoula, where they help a newly-arrived refugee family begin life in the US. Danny also provides pro-bono assistance to refugees through the International Refugee Assistance Project. He spends his free time backpacking, canoeing, and playing board games with Bracha & Abe, the latest addition to the family.

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Paid for by Danny for Montana, P.O. Box 8612, Missoula, MT 59807

Barbara Berens, Treasurer


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